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WRK2SRF has focused its mission of giving back in several ways.  First, we have partnered with local companies in our community.  By doing so not only do we invest in these small businesses but by using their creativity in producing our products WRK2SRF promotes them.  Investing in local business allows WRK2SRF to reduce shipping pollution as well.  Second, we try to invest in companies who use local materials.  As is the case of some of our t-shirts which are made out of organic cotton harvested by farmers within our region. Third, we work at being ECO-RESPONSIBLE.  Many items in our collections are made out of cotton which is combined with polyester generated from recycled plastic bottles (6 bottles per tri-blend shirt) and fiber from sustainably-farmed beech trees.  Last but not least part of the WRK2SRF ethos is to invest capital in ethical production.  We do this by buying from BetterWork and WRAP certified organizations as well as the Global Orphan Project.

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