The answer is staring at you!

Many have asked "why is the number 2 in WRK2SRF always green?"  Well here is the story.

Growing up, me and my 2 younger brothers had a major issue with our clothing.  Mom and Grandma thought it'd be cute to dress us all alike just like triplets.  So, when the time came to try to figure out whose messed up shirt, pant or sock it was you can imagine the amount of times me and my brothers would stare at each other when Mom asked!!! To solve the problem Grandma sewed on each of our respective garments the initial of our first name.  G for Gonzo, R for Rafael, and C for Carlos.  However, she took it a step further.  The letters were also color coded based on the color of our eyes.  Carlos has brown eyes, so the C was a brown thread. Rafael has blue eyes, so his thread color was light blue.  Me? I have green colored eyes, so the thread color was Green!!!  And there is the story behind why the number 2 in the name of MY STORE is Green. (In the picture above you can see that I passed the color of my eyes to my youngest boy!)

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