The Origins

I always wanted to own my own surf shop. I grew up in Puerto Rico, and anytime I wasn't surfing our local breaks, I would hang out at the local surf shops: Island Surf Shop, or Playero. I spent countless hours looking at surfboards, hoodies and the newest clothing line from Sundeck or Quiksilver.  When not at one of the shops, I would stare at those gloss, cool pictures in Surfer Magazine and dream about traveling to an exotic location to surf. 


Admittedly, the farthest I got to a surf trip was either hitchhiking to Aviones with my brother or riding in the back of my next-door-neighbor's Grampa's white van to Wilderness or Marias!  While those memories have never left me, I never made it further than the coasts of Puerto Rico to surf. 

At that time, the dream was to become a professional surfer. However, surfing as a career was just evolving in the 80's and not something I was encouraged to pursue (trust me, Spicoli in FAST TIMES at RIDGEMONT HIGH probably killed the idea for my parents!).  With that said, I ended up becoming a heart surgeon and never got a chance to build that surf shop.


Despite my career choice, surfing is constantly in my head!  Fortunately, my job allows me to not only help other, but I also get to travel quite a bit.  Every time I have a chance to travel (for work or pleasure), I find myself plotting how to get to the closest break.  I've gotten the opportunity to visit places I simply dreamed about as a kid, surf some classic breaks, and meet some cool people!   Over the years, I have come to realize that, just like me, most folks work to surf (WRK2SRF) too!


WRK2SRF was born when I was personalizing my license plate.  I wanted it to be a reminder of why is it I work so hard...  To help others, take care of my family and... to step away from "work" and go surfing!! WRK2SRF!!!!  That was it!!! WRK2SRF!!!! It was shortly afterwards, when I asked myself, why not create a brand to celebrate all those who do the same, WRK2SRF??


As the concept of WRK2SRF evolved I wanted to make sure part of the company's ethos was to give opportunities to young talent just like I was given professionally.  So, I partnered with a very talented graphics designer who in 2020 was just finishing her degree, Logan Turner.  Logan is incredibly gifted (the reason we call our logo Logan's Run) and quickly put to paper our vision!!  It was because of her ability to translate a vision to designs that WRK2SRF Apparel company was born!!!!


Browsing our collection, you will see each product has a story! Those stories are based on places we have visited or experiences we all share!  Remember, my journey is similar to yours! I wake up every morning, go to work, take moments to escape to those places where I can surf in my head, and always look for a way to get out there to surf!!!

So here is to us! The ones who WRK2SRF!!!


from WRK2SRF

---- We all do it!





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